We cover all of the latest trends in aerial film and photography at an affordable rate, whether you’re a business or an individual. 

Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority, we are fully insured and certified for commercial aerial work. Enthusiastic and highly creative, we push the boundaries of what is possible with the latest film and photographic technology.


Property Shots

Property Shots are quintessential in not only advertising your property but also for evaluating and identifying any repair work that may need doing. You can also use property shots to see if an extension is a viable option for your home.


Inspection Surveys

Site and building inspections can be quite difficult and dangerous at times. Inspections require somebody with knowledge to inspect a spot and depending on where that spot is will require certain equipment.



Drones are the perfect asset for construction. Planning, documenting and carrying out projects has never been simpler. Drones offer you different angles and different views on your site.



Marketing and Advertising are ever-present in our day to day activities. With the surge and continued climb of social media videos and photographs have become key to engaging audiences.



More and more farmers are beginning to capitalise on the advancements within technology. Some technology has begun to make farming easier and in turn save farmers some valuable and time.



Memories are something nobody can take away from us but for some they elude us. Pictures and videos help to preserve these memories and help us to reflect back on them.


All of our drone operators are CAA Certified, meaning you will always be working with professionals.

Fully Insured

Highflix has a £10 million public liability, making sure that you are covered for all possibilities.

Risk Assessments

Safety being our priority, we run initial risk assessments to avoid any unwanted accidents.


Clients don’t need to worry about any in-house editing. Our team are all fully trained in audio, graphics and design work.

Flight Time

We bring plenty of extra batteries to our filming sessions in order to make the most of our scheduled shoots.

High Resolution

Our 4K HD professional drones are capable of capturing footage of only the highest quality available to-date.